Pakistani Oscar award winner Sharmeen Obaid Chinney apologizes for mis-tweets


Islamabad: Sharmeen Obaid Chinney crawled conventionally on media on Thursday, November 2, 2017 about her poor choice of words, pursuant to some of officials.

The news spread like a wild fire about her tweets in which she harassed the doctor (is working in Agha Khan University Hospital).

Her sister was the patient in his hospital and he sent a friend’s request on Facebook and on the reaction Miss. Obaid used slippery words for a doctor on tweeter which was scorched by the people on social media.

It should be sanctioned that Sharmeen Obaid (who is an activist) got Oscar Award because of her movie “Face of the women” in which she raised social issues about women of subcontinent particularly in Pakistan where she became the victim of acid attacks.

According to Miss. Obaid it was a “Harassment” case and she said, “My recent tweets about a doctor’s behavior have drawn much comment and controversy.

“The conversation has unfortunately steered far from the safety of women, unchecked unethical practices and harassment.

“Some of the words I used in anger have disappointed people and I agree that they were poorly chosen in a time of heated emotion.

“My words and heated sentiment seem to have drawn away the real issue at hand.”

“Women are afraid to voice issues of harassment and unethical behavior because they may be ignored or because we drown out their voices”, she added, “You may disagree with the way I called out the doctor’s behavior, debate the boundaries of social media with the medical profession and any form and tone of expression but unfortunately, what happened was a breach  of trust and a severe lack of a professional code of conduct that led to a woman feeling violated and harassed.

“And on that, I will not stay silent.”

Furthermore, earlier that week she tweets apologized messages on tweeter, later she broke her silence and asked for forgiveness from her fans.







Reporter: Syeda Faiza Bukhari


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