Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends 

  • You should know that during a Christian worship service located in a small rural town in Texas, the Christian Community tragically lost 26 innocent lives at the hands of an armed violent man (Devin Patrick Kelley). The victims ranged in ages 5 to 75.

    As a Pastor myself,  I cannot imagine the pain of this pastor had lost his 14-year-old daughter and so many members of his congregation. I cannot even begin to understand the level of pain of the victim’s families.   My heart goes out to them, and I extend my deepest sympathies and prayers to all who were affected by this needless tragedy.

    You should also know that according to news reports many more lives would have been lost if not for an armed Good Samaritan who heard the shots at the church and sprung into action to stop the gunman.

    According to The Daily Mail, other news outlets, and confirmed by Texas Governor Greg Abbott the good Samaritan, Stephen Willeford, immediately grabbed his rifle and shot at the gunman causing him to drop his weapon. The gunman jumped into his vehicle and speed off.

    The Good Samaritan, Mr. Willeford gave chase by stopping a passing vehicle. He told the driver what had just happened and the driver, another Good Samaritan (Johnnie Langendoff) with Mr. Willeford chased the gunman until the gunman lost control of his vehicle, crashing into a ditch. The gunman was dead on the scene. According to Governor Abbott the gunman may have died as a result of the actions taken by this Good Samaritan.

    Evil in this world does exist, but our faith in God grows ever stronger when we see the good and selfless actions as demonstrated by these two heroes.
    Both the armed Good Samaritan, Mr. Stephen Willeford and the driver, Mr. Johnnie Langendoff, deserve high praise for their heroic actions. They risked their own lives to stop this mad man.

    Incidents like this one and good samaritan like Mr. Willeford, make me realize that sometimes it’s good for a decent and an honest person to be allowed to carry firearms.

    This is Senator Rev. Ruben Diaz and this is what you should know.

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