US accuses China of importing fentanyl into US, China fires back.


Beijing: Deputy Secretary General of National Narcotics Control Commission of Chinese top drug enforcement agency Wei Xiaojun said, “While we don’t deny that fentanyl substances abused in the US have come from China, we don’t see sufficient evidences.

“US have provided only limited information about the fatal substance. That is a serious accuse on China. We are investigating.”

According to CNN, “President of United States wants China to do something about flow of fentanyl to US”, the report added, “A cheap synthetic opioid at least 50 times stronger than heroin, flooding into United States.”

Mr. Trump said, “The opioid crisis is a public health emergency and promised to make the issue a top priority when he will meet Mr. Xi Jinping in Beijing next week,” he said, “I am expecting Xi to do something about it.”

Law enforcement and drug investigators said, “According to 2017 report from Congressional US-China Economic and Security Review Commission labeled China as the primary source of fentanyl in the US.

“We did this even when there is no widespread fentanyl abuse in China.”

He indicated, “We were aware of the crisis in the US concern into consideration.”

Mr. Wei declaimed, “The suspects arrest will depend on evidence provided by the US sand evidence discovered by Chinese police.

“The two countries have different laws governing such substances, and China can only take actions based on domestic laws and what is law enforcement officers find.”

Conforming to the US report, since 2000-2016 nearly 164,000 people expired due to overdoses of opioids.

US Drug enforcement Lance Ho claimed, “Once China controls the substances, it has dramatic effects in the United States in terms of lives saved.

“Once they do that we see a decrease in United States.

“With these cases, what’s really important is the real time information sharing is vital.”

However, China had shown a keen interest to resolve the issue in order to tackle that sensitive issue allegedly accused by US.

Furthermore, Senior analysts of United States wrote in Think Tank that United States had tried a lot to stop Chinese market for that sake they banned Chinese trade previously in Uganda (the Christian state).













Reporter: Syeda Faiza Bukhari

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