Peace December 2017


Dear fellow Peacebuilders:


Our International Peace Lighting Day was one of the best so far. Thanks to Lehman College, volunteers, sponsors, partners, performers, speakers, honorary guests and most importantly to all of you who’ve braved your busy schedules to join the celebration. Indeed, we’ve peaced it together yesterday.

Now that we’ve entered the Peace Month during the most violent time in our lives, all our training in peacebuilding, public safety and elimination of crime, violence and hatred must fully be implemented universally. Let us Peace It Together in our homes, schools, houses of worship, businesses, media, entertainment, sports, politics, nations, and the world!

Since Peace December is made up of special days and events to promote peaceful coexistence among all creation, we highly encourage you all to organize events/forums/meetings/tea ceremonies/family peace dinners/coupling peace roses, etc… as well as attend as many events hosted by fellow peacemakers during the month. Big or small, any action toward neighborliness, love of humanity, justice for all, and peaceful coexistence among all creation would make an indelible difference. It takes one person to change the world for better or worse.  Let that changemaker be you for better world.

Despite our various painful, unjust, abusive, violent, biased and difficult backgrounds, we humbly and firmly encourage you all to make a pledge to your selves during Peace December to have ‘Peace Hereforward’ in your lives and environments. Another word, let yesterday’s difficult circumstances play no role in your building of a better future for you and yours.  Peace It Here Forward for those who love to see you succeed.

Finally, visit our website for updates and also help us spread our primary social media hashtag campaign this Peace December. Here they are:

  1. #peacedecember
  2. #peaceittogether
  3. #peacehereforward
  4. #peacefulcoexistence


Than you all and have you a great Peace December!


Peace December International

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