Zimbabwe’s former First Lady to face prosecution in South Africa


Grace Mugabe, the former Zimbabwe first lady’s assault case that was suddenly buried under the name of granting her immunity, seems to have resurrected with the fact the she is no longer a first lady.

Ms. Mugabe was reported to have hit and bruised Gabriella Angels, a 20 years old South African model, after she found the girl with one of her two sons, Chatunga Bellarmine, in Sandton hotel, South Africa. However, Ms. Mugabe denied the accusations and also escaped being prosecuted, when she was granted immunity by the government of South Africa, as a diplomat.

Grace Mugabe later returned home, to Zimbabwe, freely.

Unfortunately, November 21, 2018, President Robert Mugabe resigned from his post as the President of Zimbabwe, behind forces of a coup that was led by the military, and also saw the 93 year old former president held under house arrest, leaving him with not many options but to resign.

Sources in South Africa informed that, with the mere fact that Grace Mugabe is no longer a first lady, creates the risk of having the immunity granted by the government of South Africa revoked.

‘Grace’s immunity automatically fell away right from the moment she ceased being Zimbabwe’s first lady, she is now just an ordinary person that is ready for prosecution for the wrong she committed,’ said Obert Gutu, a South African lawyer.

‘If the application to review Pretoria’s position is successful, the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), will have Grace Mugabe prosecuted. However, if the NPA refuses, Africom could proceed by way of a private prosecution on behalf of Angels,’ – sources explain.


‘Now chances of that happening are good for Africom. Immunity will be lifted, arrest warrant issued, the South African government will ask the Zimbabwean to arrest Grace, she is put in custody, prosecutors in Zimbabwe ask the court here to issue an order for extradition,’ explained Bhatasara.

Mugabe is said to have hit Gabriella with an extension power cord that also made a cut on the model’s forehead. Grace did all hitting in the presence of her body guards, who never tried to stop her neither trying to help the girl – Gabriella Angels explained.









Correspondent: Shamilah Namuddu

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