“Jerusalem is a redline for all Muslims,” says Tayyip Erdogan


Istanbul: On Wednesday December 6, 2017, President of Turkey Mr. Tayyip Erdogan said, “Jerusalem is a redline for all the Muslims, and that Turkey can go as far as severing all diplomatic ties with Israel if United States moves ahead with the decision.”

Recently, President of United States Mr. Donald Trump made a decision by relocating US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and recognizing it as a capital city of Israel.

The decision of Mr. Trump was criticized all across the Muslim World.

Mr. Erdogan said, “I want to express once again my sadness about the news that the US is preparing to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. Jerusalem, Mr. Trump is a redline for Muslims.”

“If this goes too far we may cut off diplomatic relations with Israel. We once again warn the U.S against a decision that would only deepen the problems in the region,” he added, “The decision will come as a heavy blow amid the Human Rights violations and oppression in the region.”

He said, “Turkey will follow the developments until the very end as the term president of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). If such a step is to be taken, we will gather the OIC leaders in Istanbul within five to 10 days.”

“We will certainly continue our struggle here until the last moment.”

Earlier that year, it had been claimed by President of United States that he would resolve the Israeli-Palestinian settlement.

Furthermore, Jerusalem is a very sensitive issue from the fact that it is to Jews known as the Temple Mount and to Muslims as Haram al-Sharif (Nobel Sanctuary).


















Reporter: Syeda Faiza Bukhari


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