Kenya’s Raila Odinga re-appears with his swearing in plans


Last we heard was when Kenya’s NASA, the opposition party led by Raila Odinga, the strongest opposition leader in Kenya, announced that they had halted the leader’s swearing in ceremony until a later time.

Raila Odinga’s inauguration ceremony was supposed to take place on 12 December, 2017, as the country was celebrating her independence day. However, it was put at a stop for what they said ‘after some internal and international consultations’.

On Tuesday 19, December 2017, during the burial ceremony of Francis Nyenze, the Kitui West MP, in Kitui,  Raila Odinga addressed the mourners and informed them that NASA would not back up on having him swear in as the elected People’s President.

He stated that he would be and was ready to be sworn in as President of the State, even if it meant paying the price if death.

Raila’s statement came in as a response to the Attorney General Githu Muigui, who had earlier termed Raila’s move to swear in, as a treason act which would be punished by death.

According to Mr. Odinga and the NASA party, NASA won the August 8 and the repeat polls in October 26, and so, he deserves to lead the country together with Kalonzo Musyoka, his Vice.

‘If death is the price that we must pay so as Kenyans get the justice they deserve, so be it,’ Mr. Odinga said.

‘If our death would mean that there will be no more rigging ahead of Kenya’s future, we are ready to pay the price,’ he added.

Norman Magaya, NASA’s CEO, also stated that Mr. Odinga’s swearing in ceremony will resume before the year will end, and so asked the NASA supporters to be patient until the right time.

Mr. Odinga promised to will never recognize Uhuru Kenyatta’s win as the President elect of the Republic of Kenya.

He says that all the election processes of the August and October polls were filled with irregularities and illegalities, and he can never uphold any of them.

Mutahi Ngunyi, one political analyst responded to Raila Odinga’s threat, by asking him to go and die if he wanted to, and if it would please him – he wrote on his twitter.

‘If Raila wants to die, no one has stopped him. He can die if it makes him happy, he does not need our permission but he should stop his threats,’ Ngunyi wrote on his twitter on Wednesday 20, December 2017.

















Correspondent: Shamilah Namuddu

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