‘I am retiring, no more politics please’ – Uhuru Kenyatta says


Uhuru Kenyatta, the President of Kenya has pledged that he is retiring very soon, and he is not interested in any further political wrangles with the opposition NASA party and its leaders.

Speaking during the launch of the KICC Christmas tree on Saturday 23, Mr. Kenyatta stated that he is more concerned about how to make the lives of Kenyans better within his last four years in power, other than engaging in the political business again.

He also informed that he is more on a point to complete his final political term in office, on a good note.

Mr. Kenyatta insisted that he was more focused on seeing his development agenda work out for the development of Kenya, and so called upon other political party leaders to join and work with him for a better Kenya.

‘Politics is over, just like I have told leaders from both Jubilee and NASA parties. I respect you as leaders with whom I want to work with, to change the lives of Kenyans,’ the President said.

‘If you want politics, you will have it elsewhere. For me, I am headed for retirement, I don’t need politics,’ Mr. Kenyatta informed.

Mr. Kenyatta’s remarks came barely a day after an announcement by Raila Odinga, the NASA opposition party leader, to push on with his swearing in plans, and said the organizing committee would provide the details on Sunday 24, December 2017.

NASA leader Raila Odinga disclosed that a committee charged with the responsibility to prepare his swearing in will release elaborate details of the anticipated event tomorrow, Sunday 24 – sources show.

Raila is said to have made the announcement during a funeral service of 16 victims who perished in an accident along the Webuye Kitale Highway.

Mr. Odinga strongly says that NASA does not and will never recognize Uhuru as the duly elected President since the October 26 presidential repeat elections were not held in accordance with the directives given by the Supreme Court.

According to him, he won the August 8 elections fair and square and has the right to take oath of office.

‘We beat them in the elections and any one doubting that, should open the server and see what the figures tally says,’ he argued.

‘Being the duly elected president, I will not hesitate to carry the bible on the day to be announced to Kenyans tomorrow.’












Correspondent:  Shamilah Namuddu

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