Suicide Attack hits Afghan Intelligence Headquarters, 10 people killed


Kabul: On December 25, 2017 Afghan soil shook and trembled with the blast early in the morning. According to Afghan News Agency, a suicide attack hit the Intelligence Headquarters which was sealed for the investigation.

Officials reports disclosed that nearly ten people were killed, and dozens were injured which included children, women and men.

Officials stated, “Another five people were injured when the attacker (who was on foot, blew himself up as agency employees were on their way to work).

“Security forces sealed off the area after the attack.

“Muslim terrorists are behind the attack,” he added, “The number of causalities can rise.”

Furthermore, Reports claimed that in recent months such bombing rate in Afghanistan had grown high which included 39 deaths in October near mosque belonging to Shia Muslims minority, a huge bomb in the diplomatic quarter or Green Zone killed more than 150 people in the month of May and earlier the following week in a training centre belonging to the intelligence agency

The state government tried to overwhelm all the critical issues that created hurdle for the nation’s progress. For that sake preventive measures and security agencies had insured and implemented law and order in a state to deal with all the terrorist’s activities across the country.










Reporter: Syeda Faiza Bukhari

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