Activist plans to appeal against Chinese court’s sentence


Beijing: On December 26th, 2017 Chinese government sentenced the prominent activist Wu Gan (who protested and humiliated the state law), which denied to accept all the allegedly allegation imposed on him, he planned to appeal against the sentence.

It had been reported that he was arrested in 2015, when authorities arrested him and was questioned by hundreds of lawyers.

The court sentenced him for eight years in jail for subversion.

Proclaimed by the state official news reports, he was a prominent Chinese Human Rights activist and best known by the online alias Super Vulgar Butcher.

Mr. Wu said, “I am planning to appeal against the sentence, it seems as the harshest against a human rights activist since the crackdown began two years ago.”

He said, “I am dissatisfied with the current system of governance, and that gradually produced thoughts of subverting state power.”

He accused court for fake information.

Reports stated that the victims of China were arrested those who were raising the slogan “War on law”.

Mr. Wu told that he saw the victim who was raped and she killed her assailant by stabbing him with a fruit knife.

He added that being a lawyer he fought for justice and he also did the same thing for four men who claimed that they had been wrongfully jailed for murder.

Furthermore, he requested court for mercy, he admitted his activism tone might playful or mischievous but his intention wouldn’t be like that.

However, nearly 200 people were detained in the so-called “709 crackdown” in 2015, including civil rights lawyers and human rights activists.












Reporter: Syeda Faiza Bukhari

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