Zimbabwean Generals rule on presidential terms.


Generals in Zimbabwe have ruled that a President must only run for presidency for a maximum of two terms and then hand over to any other person coming in as president.

The Generals from the Zimbabwe Defense Force (ZDF) are said to be watching keenly to see to it that no president ever exceeds two terms in power, in a bid to avoid having another dictator in Zimbabwe, just like the former President, Robert Mugabe – reports have shown.

The former President, Robert Mugabe ruled the country for 37 years and yet he was still forced to step down from power. Despite his alarming health conditions due to his advanced age, Mr. Mugabe still wanted to be the President of Zimbabwe, sources explain.

The 93 year old former president had vowed to rule the state until God called him [until he died], he was several times reported as saying.

His wife, Grace Mugabe, had also stated that Mr. Mugabe would rule Zimbabwe even in his grave.

It is so said that, the generals’ ruling is right away first applying with Emmerson Mnangagwa, the current President of the State, as he is not expected to exceed two terms in power.

According to the sources, the ZDF Generals expect Mnangagwa to serve for two terms before handing power over to the former Zimbabwe Defense Forces (ZDF) commander and current Vice President Constantino Chiwenga. Chiwenga, in turn, is also supposed to be in power for only two terms before handing power over to another general.

Constantino Chiwenga, is the former army commander that led the military coup that saw to the end of Robert Mugabe’s rule in November, and later opening a way for Emmerson Mnangagwa, to take up the seat.

He is also currently looked upon at, as the best candidate to succeed Emmerson Mnangagwa, after his terms in power will have elapsed.












Reporter: Shamilah Namuddu

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