North Korea rekindles diplomatic tie with South Korea through sports


After threatening United States, North Korea accepted Olympics talks offer from South Korea to tighten the diplomatic relationship, according to the reports South officials said that North Korea had accepted an offer to attend high-level talks next week.

Reports proclaimed that the meeting would be held at Panmunjom (so called peace village) on the border near South Korea on January 9, 2017 to focus on finding a way for North Koran athletes to attend the Winter Olympic Games in South in February.

Earlier that week, the President of South Korea Kim Jong-un said that sending a delegation to the Games would be good opportunity to show unity and Friendship among Koreans.

The meeting at Panmunjom would be in the heavily guarded demilitarized zone (DMZ), is where the two sides had historically held talks.

South Korean officials from presidential office stated that the meeting priority was Winter Games and also to show to United States that nobody could ever interlaid their matters.

President of United States Mr. Donald Trump said, “We know that that short rocket man (President of North Korea) is crazy and he just wants to show power. We don’t care what he does and says.

“He will destroy South Korea very soon.”

The South Koreans President Moon Jae-in told official news agency Yonhap, “I believe that there will also discussions related to improve South-North ties after the North’s participation in the Olympics becomes final.”

“We are happy that we are together again”, he added,“Mr. Kim sees the Winter Olympics as a groundbreaking chance to improve relations between the Koreans, two countries still technically at war.”

Furthermore, despite of Donald Trump’s warning to South Korea, both Korean leaders decided to join their hands together and the milestone was laid by earlier telephonic conversation that brought a positive change in the relationship.














Reporter: Syeda Faiza Bukhari

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