Napali girls banned from entering homes during menstruation


Kathmandu: According to the recent report by Women’s Right presented to UN Council on January 17, 2018, Nepali’s farming village which is situated in western Achham still practices the ancient Hindu ritual where women are banished from their homes during menstruation.

Achham is the farming village and a remote arid region situated in the Himalayas.

Human Rights activists have started the campaign against this barbaric tradition.

Reports stated that during 2017 nearly 100 girls died by following this tradition.

One of the girl name Gauri KumarI Buddha (who is 22 years old) recently died on January 8, 2018, she spent a night in a Chauu goth, a low and window less mud hut where she confined herself during her period.

Police stated that she died of smoke inhalation after she lit the fire to stave off the cold.

Medical report provided to Women’s right activist Guari Singh stated that she died due to snake’s bite and infections.

However, Nepali government presented the first law which came up to the scene in August 2017 that declared it as criminal act. The new law sets a three month jail term and a 3,000 rupees ($30) fine for those who force women to follow the custom.

Reports shows that the government has really intensify her effort to eliminate this inhumane, demoralised act completely from the society.

















Reporter: Syeda Faiza Bukhari

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