3 Sex Benefits Every Woman Ought to Know (& the Secret to Getting Her to Say YES to Sex!)


By Amy A.

How come my girlfriend doesn’t want to have sex more often? How can I convince her that MORE sex is better than less? Do women want sex as much as men do? And if YES, how come my girlfriend, wife or lover always seems NOT to be in the mood? Any of these questions sound familiar?

If you are anything like the hundreds of thousands of men and women who have enjoyed our articles over the last few years, the simple truth is, you are pretty convinced you already know which sex has the bigger sex drive, right? What most people DON’T know? Men and women both crave sex in equal amounts. The difference between the sexes is more in what turns us ON, and what motivates us to want to make love, and NOT who wants it more.

Surprising fact: Women are more cerebral when it comes to sex. We have emotional wants and needs, and cognitive (brain based) motivations to make love as well. Men? Your impulses are mostly biological, and the need to ejaculate, or to “release” is a much bigger driver than it is for women.

Also note: Women ALSO love to orgasm, climax and release! But, our interest in making love is often largely for emotional, and hormonal reasons that men don’t share.

Okay, so is your girl less interested in sex than you are? Here are 3 quick ways to persuade her to have MORE sex, especially if she’s the type who needs a lot of convincing!

1. Sex is a great NATURAL (and feel good) antidote to insomnia

One of the biggest health related challenges women over 18 face is insomnia. And when you look at moms? Lack of sleep, or difficulty sleeping is often the #1 challenge we face! Simply put, an orgasm a day is far better night time sleep medicine that any over the counter potion or pill, and it’s one that will leave her feeling better in the morning to boot!

2. Sex is good for her brain, too!

Why? It reduces stress hormones like cortisol, which lead to inflammation, irritation and difficulty thinking as well. As a matter of fact, the feel good chemicals that sex (and orgasm) generate in the brain, are better than most medications as well. Oxytocin, which is generated when we hug, kiss or connect skin to skin with another human being, is often called the “love hormone” for it’s transformative brain and behavior benefits.

3. Sex is great exercise!

Most women I know spend a lot of time lamenting the fact that we don’t have more time to work out. Guess what? The good news is, 15 minutes of sex, can be as good of a workout as 60 minutes of walking. And if she is able to climax, an orgasm not only burns energy, it helps strengthen her kegels, abdominal muscles and entire “core” as well. If you are REALLY good in bed? Not only will she having amazing orgasms while getting a killer workout every night, she’ll find YOU much more fun than pilates class, I promise!



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