UNAMID supports Sudan to combat desert locusts amid pandemic


African Union – United Nations Mission in Darfur (UNAMID) has contributed 10 off-road vehicles to the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources in Sudan.

The contribution was made as part of UNAMID’s resolve to continue its operational support to the Transitional Government of Sudan (TGoS) in its fight against desert locust.

The vehicles were presented during a virtual handover ceremony and press conference.

Mr. Jeremiah Mambolo, UNAMID’s Joint Special Representative/Joint Chief Mediator (JSR/JSM) said, “In the midst of the threat of COVID-19, there are other dangers as well. The threat of a desert locust invasion is one of them as it poses a real threat to the agricultural season and food security in Sudan during these tenuous times.”

“Today, as part of our joint partnership with the Government, UNAMID is pleased to handover this gift to 10 serviceable 4X4S, off-road and desert dweller vehicles to the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources to tackle the devastating effect of the swarms of desert locusts that are ravaging crops in the country,” he continued.

“While these vehicles would help to curtail destructive effects of the locusts, and enhance food security, they would also be of use to advance Government’s endeavor to combat the dreadful COVID-19 disease,” he added.

The Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources , Minister Eisa Osman, while commending the support received from UNAMID said, “Today’s contribution from UNAMID is another landmark in the Mission’s endeavor to support us in protecting our crops to ensure food security for our population during these critical times where we are working shoulder-to-shoulder with the international community to combat COVID-19,”

“UNAMID has worked in partnership with us at the federal level and at the state levels to support the Darfur population over the years. For that we are grateful,” he concluded.

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