China provides aid to Palestine, supplies 10,000 coronavirus kits


In a bid to help tackle the coronavirus pandemic in Palestine, Chinese government has supplied 10,000 coronavirus test kits and ventilators to the country.

This was disclosed on Saturday April 11, 2020 by the Palestinian Authority Health Ministry.

While confirming the aid from China, the chief of the PA’s General Intelligence Service, Majed Faraj, disclosed that the shipment would soon arrive from China to contain the spread of the virus in their territory.

“Before these test kits arrived, we only had hundreds left. “Now, we have a significant amount,” an official disclosed.

The PA stated that they had increased their medical teams with 51 additional doctors and added to the nursing staff in hospitals.

The Chinese ambassador to Palestine, Guo Wei, stated that following an official Palestinian request, his country was exploring the possibility of dispatching a medical team to Palestine to help Palestinian medics address the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking to Palestine TV, the Chinese ambassador said that “China is supporting the state of Palestine in its battle against the coronavirus.”

Meanwhile, 117 people in the West Bank and Gaza Strip have tested positive for COVID-19.

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