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It gives us an honor to announce our plan to deliver Ramadan Dinners (4/23/2020—5/23/2020) to individuals, families, homeless shelters and other venues during Ramadan this year.

Ramadan is a beautiful month of fellowship and the breaking of communal bread together. Every year throughout the world, millions and millions of families eat together each day at the breaking of fast. In the West where Muslim minority coexist with the larger communities, these dinners have increasingly becoming great moments to host communal meals with neighbors from all backgrounds. Therefore residents look forward to these fellowship opportunities where they can learn about each other’s spiritual practices and the etiquette of their neighbors.

Muslims spend Ramadan in fasting and observing other worship services including feeding as many people as possible every day of the month. The month is also widely associated with extreme generosity and charitable.

Since we expect the quarantine to continue on through Ramadan this year and make coming together impermissible, we’ve decided not to interrupt the tradition rather modified how Ramadan hospitality is conducted.

We will be picking the food and other donations and deliver them to those who request them, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, so that the spirit of Ramadan would go on uninterrupted. Happy Ramadan to all!

  1. Anyone interested to receive these sumptuous home-cooked meals can send us email with their names and delivery address or go to halalfinder.com/compassion
  2. Those who are interested in providing the food, water, juice, tea, coffee, fruits or monetary donations can register at halalfinder.com/compassion
  3. Volunteer deliverers can contact us at: 718-822-5555

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