Ramadan Guide: Mating in Ramadan


By Femi Abbas

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This article ought to have been published at the beginning of this year’s Ramadan. But an oversight, being a human factor, set in as a cause of delay. However, it is still very much relevant even at this stage.

One of the most important aspects of marriage is mating. It is the means of procreation of children as legitimized by consummation6 of marriage.

Across nations, tribes and cultures, legitimate mating serves as the lotion of love. It is also perceived as the natural balm with which to soothe the aching areas of matrimonial conflicts.

A matrimonial home without sexual intercourse is like a wild desert without an oasis.

Therefore, Ramadan should not be used as an excuse to abdicate legal matrimonial responsibility by abstaining from the matrimonial bed.

In Islam, sexual intercourse in the matrimonial home is so important that its constant denial by either party without any cogent reason is classifiable as a sin.

Mating in Islam is not just for procreation of children. It is also a reconfirmation of love and fulfilment of nature’s promise. With matrimonial intercourse, paradise is attainable. And, without it, paradise is deniable.

While elucidating on the gains of Sadaqah, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) once told his companions that mating is Sadaqah if it is legitimately done. And legitimacy here means doing it with ones legitimate spouse.

The prophet’s position on this is confirmed by Allah in Qur’an 2: 223 thus: “Your wives are your fields, enter them as you please…”. Denial of matrimonial intercourse to a spouse without reason is a violation of a fundamental marital right.

Even where both spouses have tested positive to a disease like HIV/Aids, sexual intercourse should not be completely ruled out. And, where only one of them is tested positive, the couple should reach an understanding on how to go about intercourse medically.

In Ramadan, a couple can be as sexually active as outside Ramadan provided it is done between dusk and dawn.

It is, however, assumed that no serious Muslim will ever want to indulge in any unwarranted circumstance like intercourse to skip Salatus-Subh (early morning obligatory worship) by not taking Janabah bath at the right time. Allah judges deeds by intention.

However, necessary as sexual intercourse may be in a matrimonial home, it must not hinder any obligatory worship of Allah.


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