Mayor Adams vows to make Diwali public school holiday, seeks state legislators’ support



Mayor Eric Adams has promised make Diwali a public school holiday next year for families in New York City who observe the festival. He is however seeking the support of state legislators.

Adams made the announcement at the education department headquarters in Lower Manhattan. He said: “It is long overdue to say to our Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Buddhist students and community that we see you, we acknowledge you.”

While raising concerns among some holiday supporters, Mayor Adams is encouraging state lawmakers to pass a bill which would include Diwali in the official school calendar.

Since a minimum of 180 school days is required by the state each year, therefore, to make Diwali an official school holiday, Rajkumar’s legislation would have to replace “Anniversary Day” or “Brooklyn-Queens Day” with the Diwali holiday.

Diwali will take place on Monday, Oct. 24 for this year. The festival which is an annual pan-religious holiday takes place in the fall and celebrates the symbolic victory of light over darkness and knowledge over ignorance.

“It felt wonderful to have the mayor of New York City support Diwali,” said Rajkumar. “This is a great day for our city. This is a great day for our community.”

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