New York ends mask mandate at hospitals


New York’s mask mandate in health care settings, including hospitals, nursing homes and treatment centers has been lifted Sunday by the Department of Health. 
It was one of the last COVID mandates in effect since the pandemic started nearly three years ago. 
While the state is no longer mandating masks and face coverings, those in charge of individual health care facilities will be able to enforce their own policies. 

NYC Health + Hospitals said it will keep the mask mandate in place for now. Staff members at NewYork-Presbyterian told us a decision has not yet been made.
Friday, New York City’s COVID vaccine mandate for municipal workers ended. Nearly 2,000 workers lost their jobs for not complying.
Labor attorney Jon Bell told CBS2 the fired workers may have a difficult time trying to recoup back pay, even if they are rehired.
“The city of New York is an employer just like a private sector employer, and their laws don’t actually have to make sense,” said Bell.
“It’s preposterous and I definitely never want to see this again. So for me this is a big win but it’s not the end of the fight and I personally won’t stop fighting until everybody gets the opportunity to get their jobs back and that we have it in writing that this can never happen to us again,” said Sophy Medina, a firefighter.
The state has seen a steady decline in COVID transmission rates over the last two months.

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