How I Helped a Family Avert Divorce by Hassan Shibly


The couple came into my office seething and absolutely ready to file for divorce, with documentation and payment in hand to do so.

I separated the parties and spoke to them one by one. It became clear neither really wanted divorce. There was just a dispute over some property they had and what would become of it in case either died or if their marriage didn’t last. The uncertainty and insecurity pushed them both to the brink where they decided it’s better to divorce now than live with uncertainty.

Alhamdulilah – we were able to find a solution that gave them the security they were seeking, without divorce, where everyone’s rights and needs were protected. We proposed putting the disputed asset into a trust with them and their children as beneficiaries, and in the case of a divorce or death, the assets being distributed in accordance with Islamic inheritance laws automatically.

Can’t go in all the details here but in gist – it was a blessing to be able to come up with a creative legal solution to give both parents the security and certainty they needed to resolve their financial disputes and inshallah preserve their marriage.

After that was blessed to mediate and make progress for another couple going through a very contentious divorce and assist my client (the mother) in finally getting back with her children.

What a blessing it is to be a Muslim lawyer.

Hassan Shibly is the Chief Executive Director of CAIR Florida. He is a nationally recognized advocate for civil rights and has helped CairFlorida grow into one of the largest civil rights organizations in the country. Hassan is a lawyer, a speaker, and a teacher. He has dedicated his life to fostering a healthy cohesive relationship between American Muslims and society at large and protecting civil liberties. He has taught courses on civil rights, Islamic belief, law, history, spirituality and culture and serves as a consultant on Islam for NGO’s, non-profit organizations, government agencies, media organizations, youth groups, and law enforcement.​​​​​​

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