Criminal charge dropped against woman tied on American Airlines flight


A criminal charge has been dropped against a woman accused of trying to breach the cockpit of an American Airlines flight after she claimed she was only heading to the bathroom.

Tiffany Miles, 36, was initially arrested on a misdemeanor charge of airport obstruction after she allegedly caused an American Eagle Flight 3444 to make an emergency landing at Raleigh-Durham Airport in North Carolina on Wednesday.

But airport police announced Friday that they had tossed the charge after further investigation.

“After continued investigation regarding the circumstances surrounding the incident and review of eyewitness statements, plus in-depth consultation with the Wake County District Attorney, RDU law enforcement have dismissed the [charge],” airport police said in a statement cited by WRAL.

No further details were provided about the decision to drop the charge, but Miles has denied trying to breach the cockpit on the flight from Jacksonville, Florida, to Washington, DC,

Miles said that she flies often, but has anxiety, and tried to order alcohol from a flight attendant despite being told that drink service was not offered on the plane.

After the exchange with the flight attendant, Miles said she got up and walked toward the lavatory, which was in the direction of the cockpit.

She said two crew members stopped her and a passenger tried to calm her down before she was allowed to return to her seat.

Pilots notified air traffic control that she tried to breach the cockpit as the crew used zip ties to restrain her, WRAL reported.

Miles said she was “relieved” to receive the news that charge against her was dropped.

“I know I didn’t do anything wrong, so it’s the same reaction,” she told WRAL.

“I guess I have to speak with my legal team to see how we’re going to handle this … because if no one is charging me now, then what is all the hoopla about?” Miles added.

She said the flight attendant should get reprimanded and undergo training after the in-flight incident, but stopped short of calling for the crew member’s dismissal.

She said her main concern now was getting back her mother’s $1,000, which she used to post bond at the Wake County Detention Center.

Police noted that the decision to toss the charge against Miles did not prevent the FBI from charging Miles with a federal crime. But the FBI’s Charlotte Field Office told the outlet that no charges were expected unless additional evidence is presented.

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