Saudi Arabia to celebrate Flag Day on March 11 every year


Saudi Arabia’s King Salman has ordered that March 11 of every year to be celebrated as National Flag Day to honor the Kingdom’s national banner, state news agency SPA has reported.

“The 11th of March of each year is a special day to mark the Saudi Flag Day,” read a royal decree on SPA. 

King Salman has ordered that the national occasion be celebrated on that day, marking the same day Saudi Arabia’s founder King Abdul Aziz Al-Saud approved the flag the way we know it today.

“The value of the national flag extends throughout the history of the Saudi state, since its founding in 1139 AH – 1727 AD, which bears the Islamic declaration of faith in the middle, symbolizing the message of peace, and the religion of Islam, on which this blessed state was based,” SPA reported.  

The green Saudi flag features an inscription above the sword which states the ‘shahada’, or the profession of Muslim faith.

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