New York entrepreneurs launch ‘Muslim Movie Studios’ to reposition Hollywood


New York-based Muslim entrepreneurs have announced a date for the launch of a ‘Muslim Movie Studios’.

According to the founder, Sheikh Musa Drammeh, the project is aimed at repositioning the Hollywood.

“Muslim Movie Studios is targeting Hollywood with a unique proposition. It will produce films that abstain from explicit content, glorification of misogyny, excessive violence, and the promotion of societal vices,” Drammeh said.

Announcing the date, the co-founder, Mutiu Olawuyi, confirmed that the groundbreaking venture will have a virtual launch event on Sunday May 28, 2023.

“Those interested in learning more about MMS are encouraged to RSVP by visiting the Link,” Olawuyi stated.

“We hold Hollywood in high regard, and our aspiration is to foster an industry that welcomes all households and communities, encompassing a diverse range of perspectives and values,” he added.

Shireena Drammeh, a spokesperson for the group remarked that “Hollywood has long been a formidable force in shaping global trends, creating new cultures, norms, and industries. However, it has also perpetuated issues such as nudity, promiscuity, violence, and prejudice.

“Our aim is to harness the power of this influential industry to inspire, empower, and uplift diverse audiences worldwide, regardless of their religion, gender, age, or status.”

Muslim Movie Studios, under the leadership of Sheikh Musa Drammeh and Mutiu Olawuyi, plans to produce and invest in high-quality films with a family-friendly “S” rating, making them suitable for all ages and backgrounds.

In doing so, they hope to create a more inclusive Hollywood that caters to Muslims and other audiences who value decency in entertainment.

Musa Drammeh shared his vision, “Our goal is to cultivate a Hollywood environment that embraces inclusivity and mindfulness, offering a cinematic experience that resonates with Muslims and individuals who appreciate conscientious filmmaking.”

He added that “Muslim Movie Studios aims to produce and invest in movies and documentaries that celebrate life, dignity, and peace, guided by the values, morals, and ethics found in their holy texts.

“By doing so, they intend to create meaningful, engaging content that transcends religious, gender, and geographical boundaries.”

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