Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka agree to strengthen cooperation in several sectors


Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka have agreed to strengthen bilateral cooperation in several sectors of common interests.

The two countries have reached agreements after discussing 65 items related to the fields of security, justice, labor, trade, industry, investment, energy, finance, economy, transportation, communication, agriculture, education, health, sport, culture, tourism, religious affairs, media, and work.

This came during the conclusion of the work of the Saudi-Sri Lankan joint committee, which was held in Riyadh and chaired by Abdullah Abu Thanain, vice minister of human resources and social development for labor, and Tharaka Balasuriya, the minister of state for foreign affairs of Sri Lanka.

Abu Thanain has praised the efforts made by the two parties during the technical meetings which were held within the work of the joint committee, which contributed to building an optimal path to enhance the joint cooperation between the two countries.

He also confirmed Saudi Arabia’s aspiration for the second session of the committee which will be held in the Sri Lankan capital, Colombo.

On his part, Balasuriya thanked Saudi Arabia for hosting the first session of the Saudi-Sri Lankan joint committee, confirming the importance of continuing the joint efforts and cooperation between the two sides to follow up on the recommendations of the first session and build on these efforts during the second session in Sri Lanka.

Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka have signed the minutes of the joint committee and affirmed the necessity of following up on the recommendations contained, in order to ensure enhancing bilateral cooperation in different fields of common interests.

The work of the Saudi-Sri Lankan joint committee in its first session started on Sunday 21 of May with several workshops that aimed at enhancing bilateral relations in a way that achieves the directions of the leaders of the two countries and the aspirations of its two peoples, and to realize sustainable development in vital sectors.

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