Pakistan army dosmisses 3 officers over pro-Imran Khan protests


Three officers in the Pakistan army have been dismissed due to their involvement in protests supporting former Prime Minister Imran Khan, who was arrested on corruption charges.

The officers, according to a public statement by the army, were terminated for failing to safeguard military properties,

The military in Pakistan holds significant political influence, and Khan’s supporters believe it played a role in his removal as prime minister. Following Khan’s arrest, thousands of his supporters vandalized military buildings nationwide, resulting in fatalities and the destruction of an army general’s residence.

While most of the over 5,000 individuals arrested were eventually released, more than 100, including civilians, are still facing trials in military courts. Major General Ahmad Sharif Chaudry, speaking at a press conference, acknowledged the need to investigate the incident.

“In addition to the officer dismissals, 15 other officials have faced disciplinary action,” the report unveiled.

It added that “Some relatives, including army officers’ wives, are among those on trial for alleged involvement in the violence.”

Concerns have been raised by human rights groups regarding the fairness of civilian trials in military courts. Amnesty International has highlighted issues such as the lack of due process, transparency, and coerced confessions in what it describes as “grossly unfair trials.”

Multiple petitions challenging the trials have been submitted to Pakistan’s Supreme Court, including one from Khan’s political party.

The army has accused the leaders of Khan’s party of planning arson attacks and has implicated the former prime minister in multiple criminal cases related to the protests. Khan, who is widely seen as an outsider uncorrupted by politics, was removed from power in a vote of no confidence last year.

Since then, he has clashed with the Pakistani military, alleging their involvement in his removal, an assertion that the army denies.

Over the years, the military has maintained significant control over the country’s governance, either directly or through civilian governments.

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