Governor Hochul takes action against hate crimes, allocates record funding for security grants


Governor Hochul addressed the disturbing surge in bias crimes across New York State. With a heavy heart, she revealed that the number of anti-Semitic acts, categorized as hate crimes, had more than doubled. Speaking at the Museum of Jewish Heritage, the governor expressed her commitment to combatting hate and emphasized the urgent need for change.

Governor Hochul unveiled two significant measures aimed at tackling hate: legislation affecting college campuses and a substantial allocation of security grants. She announced a historic funding amount of over $51 million dedicated to eradicating hate, benefiting more than a thousand organizations across the state. The funds, specifically targeted at houses of worship, cultural centers, and other venues, will be utilized to enhance cybersecurity, provide staff training, and increase personnel.

Additionally, Hochul signed a crucial bill requiring colleges to publicly disclose campus crime statistics on their websites. The legislation also mandates the implementation of a comprehensive plan to investigate hate crimes and the dissemination of prevention measures to incoming students. The bill’s sponsors, State Senator Toby Ann Stavisky and outgoing State Assemblyman Dan Rosenthal, emphasized the need to address the infiltration of discrimination and antisemitism within higher education institutions, as students’ sense of safety has been compromised.

Governor Hochul underscored the concerning spread of hate in the present era and drew attention to the potential impact of social media in historical contexts. Reflecting on the Holocaust, she cautioned against the harmful influence of hate if platforms like social media had existed during that time. Hochul shared that conversations with Holocaust survivors have revealed alarming parallels between the current climate and the early stages of historical atrocities.

With her announcements and firm stance against hate crimes, Governor Hochul aims to create a state that is free from bigotry and discrimination. By providing substantial funding and implementing legislation to raise awareness and prevent hate crimes, she seeks to protect New York’s diverse communities and promote a safer environment for all residents.

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