Egyptian musicians’ syndicate blocks Travis Scott’s pyramid concert


The Egyptian Musicians’ Syndicate announced on Tuesday its decision to prohibit US rapper Travis Scott from holding a scheduled concert at the Giza pyramids. This decision comes as a result of the syndicate’s objection to perceived violations of Egypt’s cultural heritage.

Performances by international music stars at the iconic pyramids near Cairo are a common occurrence. However, the influential musicians’ union has recently taken a stand against musical genres it deems inappropriate for Egypt, with rap often being the target of their disapproval.

Egypt has been increasingly vocal in opposing what it perceives as a “reinterpretation” of its history, particularly regarding African-American movements claiming cultural connections to the ancient pharaohs.

As the governing body overseeing all matters related to live or recorded music in Egypt, the musicians’ syndicate released a statement asserting that Scott’s concert would be contrary to their traditions. The syndicate generally refrains from intervening in musical performances unless they undermine the ancestral customs and traditions of the Egyptian people.

According to the statement, the syndicate based its decision on an examination of Scott’s social media content and his public stances. They claim to have discovered images and documented information regarding the artist’s involvement in “strange rituals” that conflict with Egyptian traditions. The statement, however, does not explicitly elaborate on the specific rituals that the syndicate attributes to the renowned hip-hop artist, who is currently on a global tour.

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