Saudi Arabia welcomes over 7 students back to schools, universities


Saudi Arabia witnessed a remarkable return of students to their educational institutions. More than six million male and female students from various levels of public education, along with approximately 1,360,000 students from universities, technical and vocational training centers, special education institutes, and continuous education facilities, rejoined their educational paths across all regions and governorates in the country.

The resurgence of learning spaces was accompanied by the reentry of over half a million dedicated teachers, administrative personnel, and supervisors. As the doors of more than 28,000 schools and higher educational establishments swung open, the 51-day long summer hiatus came to an end.

Reports from the Saudi Press Agency highlighted that the Ministry of Education and the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC) undertook comprehensive preparations in collaboration with public, private, and foreign educational institutions ahead of the academic year. These efforts encompassed close coordination with education departments across the nation, as part of a strategic initiative to ensure schools were primed for students’ return.

Ministerial teams, supported by school readiness committees within education departments, took proactive steps to furnish schools with necessary resources, enhancing their preparedness to welcome students. Emphasizing the crucial role of parents and families, the Ministry urged them to motivate their children, ensure their punctuality, and prioritize attendance to facilitate the attainment of educational objectives.

The academic calendar for the current year encompasses three semesters, each punctuated by designated breaks. According to this schedule, the first semester commenced on August 20 and is set to conclude on November 16. The second semester will span from November 26 to February 22, 2024, while the third semester is scheduled from March 3 to June 10, 2024.

Simultaneously, an evolution in the academic structure was noted in the Kingdom, as 20 prominent universities transitioned to a two-semester system, aligning with the new academic year.

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