Iran unveils attack drone with threats of striking Israeli nuclear facilities


Iran has introduced the Mohajer-10 drone, asserting its capability to target Israel’s nuclear facilities and cities with devastating bombings.

The drone, showcased with theatrical effects including smoke machines and ominous music, is claimed to possess a range of approximately 1,240 miles and the endurance to remain airborne for an entire day. Iranian authorities assert that this new drone could carry out bombing raids on various Israeli urban centers.

Named the Mohajer-10, the drone is armed with a 660lb explosive payload, a substantial increase compared to its predecessor, the Mohajer-6. The drone’s reported top speed exceeds 130mph, while its name “Mohajer” translates to “immigrant” in Persian.

A promotional video accompanying the drone’s unveiling included the foreboding message “prepare your shelters” in both Hebrew and Farsi. Furthermore, a poster depicted the drone flying near Israel’s Dimona nuclear facility with a caption warning, “Be ready to travel to the Stone Age.”

The Dimona facility, located in the Negev desert, is believed to be associated with Israel’s suspected nuclear weapons program, a subject that Israel maintains ambiguity about, refraining from confirmation.

“This event intensifies concerns in Western nations regarding heightened tensions between Iran and Israel, raising the prospect of a direct military clash. Despite a broader easing of hostilities involving other parties, such as Saudi Arabia, the growing friction between Iran and Israel remains a cause for alarm”.

“Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently accused Iran of orchestrating fatal attacks in the occupied West Bank. He also criticized the US-Iran prisoner swap deal, which will unfreeze approximately £4 billion in Iranian assets”.

“As Iran continues to develop its nuclear program, Israel perceives it as an existential threat. Prime Minister Netanyahu has escalated threats of military action in response. Suspicions persist that Israel was behind a series of targeted strikes on Iranian nuclear sites between 2020 and 2022, including the assassination of Tehran’s chief nuclear scientist. Notably, the frequency of such attacks has diminished this year”.

“Reports have surfaced indicating that US President Joe Biden is endeavoring to de-escalate tensions in the Middle East, particularly concerning the Iranian nuclear issue. This strategic move aims to secure a foreign policy achievement ahead of next year’s elections”.

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