Cristiano Ronaldo praises Saudi Arabia’s warm reception, envisions global success for league


Cristiano Ronaldo, the revered leader of Al-Nassr, has expressed his immense joy and appreciation for his time in Saudi Arabia. Notably, Ronaldo has characterized the Saudi league as a prospective contender in the realm of top-tier football competitions worldwide.

During a high-scoring match where Al-Nassr dominated against Al-Fath, Ronaldo, the iconic superstar, claimed the spotlight with an impressive hat-trick. His exceptional performance not only secured a resounding victory for his team but also underscored his authoritative presence on the field.

“In an interview with the Saudi Sports Company channel following the electrifying match, Ronaldo stated, “I am genuinely delighted in Saudi Arabia. I vocalized this sentiment last year, and I still firmly believe that the Saudi league is on a trajectory to rival the world’s most esteemed tournaments. The league’s ability to attract such distinguished talent is truly remarkable.”

“He went on to say, “I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for its generous hospitality. The satisfaction I derive from my time here only intensifies my resolve to contribute my very best to Saudi football.” Ronaldo also spotlighted the team’s consistent upward trajectory in performance, noting, “We’re steadily progressing towards improvement. The collective efforts of each player culminated in a remarkable match.”

“The ongoing summer transfer period has witnessed a flurry of international acquisitions by numerous teams, setting the stage for an ambitious initiative to elevate the Saudi league to a prominent global position. Ronaldo’s endorsement, combined with the recent influx of notable names, has sparked fervent excitement among followers of the Saudi league, who eagerly anticipate the league’s rising prominence on the world stage”.

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