ISIS operative apprehended in Baghdad hotel operation


Iraqi authorities have disclosed the successful arrest of an individual affiliated with the ISIS extremist group. The detainee, apprehended inside a hotel situated within Baghdad’s Al-Rusafa district on the eastern bank of the Tigris River, was reportedly engaged in a mission to gather intelligence on security personnel.

The operation was executed by the Federal Intelligence and Investigation Agency (FIIA) of the Ministry of Interior, acting on precise information regarding the presence of a sought-after fugitive linked to terrorist activities. This individual was allegedly involved in providing ISIS with critical data concerning security personnel.

Upon thorough interrogation, it was established that the arrested person, who has acknowledged his affiliation with ISIS, had been assigned the task of procuring personal details of security personnel in the Nineveh governorate.

While the specific identity of the detainee remains undisclosed, along with the exact location of the hotel in question, this incident highlights the persistent threat posed by extremist elements despite Iraq’s declaration of victory over the organization in late 2017. These sporadic attacks by extremists, primarily targeting army and police personnel in remote and rural areas, underscore the ongoing challenges faced by security forces.

The United Nations released a report in July of the current year, indicating that the counter-terrorism endeavors led by Iraqi forces have substantially curtailed ISIS activities. However, the organization has managed to sustain a limited insurgency, primarily concentrated in rural regions. Notably, instances of urban attacks have witnessed a significant decline.

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