China explores plans for 10 energy projects in Iraq


Chinese authorities have initiated discussions about the establishment of ten energy projects in central and southern Iraq, according to Chi Chun, the commercial advisor at the Chinese embassy in Baghdad.

Mr. Chun highlighted the involvement of Chinese companies in Iraq’s energy sector, emphasizing that these firms have successfully constructed several power plants in the country. Collectively, these facilities now contribute an impressive 6,200 megawatts to Iraq’s energy grid, as reported by the Iraqi News Agency (INA).

In a bid to address Iraq’s persistent electricity shortages, Chun underscored the Chinese government’s support for its companies, including Power China, to actively engage in the construction of new power plants within Iraq’s borders.

However, Mr. Chun went beyond the realm of new projects, emphasizing that a comprehensive solution to Iraq’s electricity crisis should encompass the restoration of the national grid. He emphasized that improving the efficiency of electric power transmission necessitates the refurbishment of the existing electrical transmission infrastructure.

The urgency of the situation in Iraq is underscored by daily power outages, sometimes lasting up to ten hours, which become exacerbated during scorching summer months when temperatures soar to 50 degrees Celsius.

One of the primary causes of Iraq’s recurrent power outages is the long-neglected state of its infrastructure, which has suffered from decades of conflict, corruption, and mismanagement.

Despite Iraq’s substantial oil resources, the nation’s power plants heavily rely on gas imports from Iran, a supply that has often been subject to interruptions, as reported by AFP.

In response to the crisis, some Iraqis resort to private electricity generators, although these are often inadequate to meet their daily needs, particularly the demand for air conditioning.

To address the looming power deficit, Iraqi officials have identified a critical need to boost daily electricity production to 32,000 megawatts. However, the existing production sometimes falls short, hovering around 26,000 megawatts, exacerbating the nation’s energy woes.

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