Saudi Arabia launches Global Water Organization to address water sustainability challenges


Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Prime Minister Mohammed bin Salman revealed the establishment of the Global Water Organization in Saudi Arabia on Monday. This visionary initiative aims to unite and enhance the worldwide efforts to ensure the sustainable availability of water resources.

Headquartered in Riyadh, the Global Water Organization has a comprehensive agenda. It will serve as a hub for the exchange of knowledge and expertise, the advancement of cutting-edge water technology, the fostering of innovation, and the sharing of valuable research and development experiences.

Additionally, the organization will champion the creation and funding of high-priority projects, all with the overarching goal of preserving water resources and making them accessible to all.

This landmark endeavor underscores Saudi Arabia’s unwavering commitment to addressing global water supply challenges and aligns seamlessly with the nation’s dedication to environmental sustainability. Saudi Arabia has already made substantial strides in water production, transportation, and distribution, often harnessing locally developed innovative solutions.

These achievements have garnered international recognition, cementing the Kingdom’s role in ensuring that global water issues remain at the forefront of the international agenda. In fact, Saudi Arabia has committed over $6 billion to various water and sanitation projects spanning four continents, as reported by the Saudi Press Agency.

The Global Water Organization intends to collaborate closely with nations grappling with water-related challenges and those that have placed water sustainability high on their national agendas. This cooperative approach will extend to countries with significant expertise and contributions to water solutions. Such collaborations are becoming increasingly vital, especially in the face of projections indicating a twofold increase in global water demand by 2050, driven by the anticipated global population growth to 9.8 billion.

Saudi Arabia, alongside member countries of the organization, is determined to make a substantial contribution towards achieving sustainable development goals related to water security. By bringing the international community together, this initiative seeks to create an integrated and enduring impact, ensuring global water sustainability for the betterment of humanity.

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