Head of Nazaha meets with INTERPOL chief to boost cross-border crime fighting


President of the Oversight and Anti-Corruption Authority (Nazaha), Mazin bin Ibrahim Al-Kahmous, paid a visit to the headquarters of the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) in Lyon, France on Friday.

Welcoming his arrival was INTERPOL’s Secretary-General, Jürgen Stock, alongside key members of the organization. This high-profile meeting delved into a range of pressing matters at the intersection of Nazaha and INTERPOL’s missions.

Key points of discussion included strategies for collaborative action against corruption and cross-border crimes, the reinforcement of partnerships with pertinent international bodies within regional and global frameworks and agreements, and an in-depth analysis of the obstacles faced in combatting corrupt activities.

The dialogue also extended to the critical area of recovering assets and funds linked to corruption cases, the pursuit of fugitives from justice, and mutual cooperation in locating and delivering them to the appropriate legal authorities.

This momentous encounter materialized in response to an invitation extended by INTERPOL’s top official to Nazaha’s President, aimed at sharing insights into INTERPOL’s initiatives combating corruption and the illicit flow of funds, as well as their efforts in asset recovery.

This meeting underscores the commitment of both organizations to upholding global integrity and security through coordinated action against transnational criminal activities.

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