Iraqi Embassy in UAE holds memorial service for late poet Karim Al-Iraqi


In a heartfelt tribute to the late great poet, Karim Al-Iraqi, the Iraqi Embassy in the UAE organized a solemn remembrance service following his passing last Friday.

The ceremony, which took place at the prestigious Intercontinental Hotel in Dubai on Tuesday, drew a distinguished crowd of mourners, including the renowned Iraqi singer Kadim Al Sahir.

The iconic artist joined many other celebrated Iraqi luminaries, such as the acclaimed musician Naseer Shamma and beloved singer Hussam Al-Rassam. The event also saw the attendance of prominent actors and actresses, creating a gathering of Iraq’s brightest talents.

Among the dignitaries paying their respects were the Iraqi Ambassador to the UAE and several diplomats. The ceremony was marked by an overwhelming atmosphere of grief, underscoring the profound loss experienced not only by Iraq but also by the entire Arab world, which bid farewell to a beloved poet and writer.

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