Saudi Crown Prince unveils economic corridor linking India, Middle East, Europe at G20 summit


Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman and Prime Minister Mohammed Bin Salman unveiled a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to launch a transformative economic corridor project that will connect India to the Middle East and Europe.

The primary objectives of this ambitious project are to bolster economic ties, revamp crucial infrastructure, and bolster trade among the participating nations.

During the ceremony, Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “I am delighted that we stand here in this welcoming nation to sign an MoU for an economic corridor project linking India, the Middle East, and Europe.”

He emphasized that this initiative is the culmination of months of collaborative efforts and is rooted in principles that serve the common interests of the involved countries. “It will enhance economic connectivity and have a positive impact not only on our partner nations but also on the global economy,” he added.

The economic corridor project is set to usher in extensive improvements in infrastructure, encompassing railway networks, port connections, and the streamlined flow of goods and services, thereby fostering increased trade. Furthermore, the initiative will extend vital pipelines for the export and import of electricity and hydrogen, fortifying global energy supply security, and establishing efficient cross-border data transmission cables.

Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman stressed that the MoU also aligns with clean energy initiatives and will generate new, high-quality employment opportunities for all stakeholders along the corridors.

“To achieve the goals outlined in this memorandum, it necessitates our continued collective efforts and the swift implementation of the necessary mechanisms within the agreed timeframe,” he urged while expressing deep gratitude to all those who contributed to laying the foundation for this significant economic corridor.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the launch of the India-Middle East-Europe connectivity corridor, marking a historic initiative in connectivity and infrastructure cooperation involving India, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, the EU, France, Italy, Germany, and the United States.

Notably, Saudi Arabia and the United States also inked an essential MoU that outlines a framework for establishing intercontinental green transit corridors, connecting Asia and Europe through the Kingdom. This visionary project aims to facilitate the transmission of renewable electricity and clean hydrogen via transmission cables and pipelines, alongside the development of rail connections.

The overarching goals encompass enhancing energy security, promoting clean energy, bolstering digital connectivity and data transmission through fiber cables, and fostering trade and transportation via railways and ports.

Saudi Arabia expressed its warm welcome to the United States for its facilitative role in supporting negotiations and the establishment of the green corridors transit protocol with relevant nations, highlighting the shared commitment to advancing sustainable and innovative global connectivity.

The unveiling of this economic corridor marks a pivotal moment in enhancing economic collaboration and connectivity between nations spanning continents, promising substantial benefits for all involved.

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