Lebanese music legend Ragheb Alama set to thrill Iraq for second consecutive year


The renowned Lebanese music icon, Ragheb Alama, is all set to grace the stage in Iraq for the second year in a row.

The eagerly awaited performance is scheduled to take place on Thursday, September 21st, at the prestigious Mi9 Hall in Erbil, an enchanting venue situated against the scenic backdrop of Sami Abdulrahman Park.

Fans were abuzz with excitement when Alama, a true superstar in the Arab music scene, shared his anticipation on his official Instagram account earlier this week.

Alongside an Iraqi flag, he posted the caption, “Can’t wait to see your beautiful faces soon!” This gesture has only heightened the anticipation among his devoted followers.

With a remarkable career spanning decades, Ragheb Alama boasts a remarkable repertoire of hit songs and albums.

Many of his creations have climbed the charts to achieve unparalleled success throughout the Arab world. Some of his most celebrated tracks include “Ana Esmi Habibak,” “Ya Rait,” and “Nassini El Donya.”

What truly sets Alama apart is his magnetic stage presence, boundless enthusiasm, and unwavering connection with his audience during performances. These qualities have endeared him to a dedicated fan base that spans generations.

Alama’s timeless hits continue to resonate with audiences worldwide, and Iraq is eagerly awaiting his return to the stage. As the concert date draws nearer, anticipation in Erbil is reaching a fever pitch, promising a night of unforgettable music and entertainment.

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