Former President Trump questions President Biden’s competence, not age


In a recent interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press,” former President Donald Trump expressed his views on President Joe Biden’s fitness for a second term, emphasizing competence over age.

This unexpected support comes as America grapples with a broader debate about the age of its political leaders, a significant topic in the run-up to the 2024 elections, with Biden nearing 82 and Trump at 78.

While polls indicate a relatively small age gap between the two men, concerns about President Biden’s age have been more prevalent among Americans, with a survey showing that three out of four doubt his ability to serve a second term.

Former President Trump, who left office as the second-oldest president in history (Ronald Reagan was 77 at the end of his term), faces the challenge of portraying Biden as “too sleepy” for the job while being himself 82 at the end of a potential second term. In his NBC interview, Trump acknowledged, “Some of the greatest world leaders have been in their 80s,” distancing himself from that age range.

Trump stated, “Biden’s not too old, but I think he’s incompetent, and that’s a bigger problem.” This shift in focus from age to competence marks an interesting turn in the political discourse surrounding the upcoming elections.

President Biden, despite occasional verbal stumbles, remains physically active and has demonstrated competency through legislative achievements and global diplomacy. Democrats highlight his accomplishments in passing significant legislation, overseeing infrastructure and gun safety bills, and proposing the Build Back Better social spending program.

On the international stage, Biden’s recent trip to Vietnam was seen as a display of his vitality, with Vietnam’s 79-year-old Communist leader complimenting him on his relative youth.

Both Trump and Biden maintain good health habits, refraining from drinking and actively pursuing personal well-being. Trump emphasized his own genetic predisposition for a long life during the interview.

Trump’s earlier claims of mental acuity, notably his recitation of “Person, woman, man, camera, TV,” were widely ridiculed during the 2020 presidential campaign. However, in his recent interview, he maintained his competence, stating, “I aced it. I got everything right.”*

As the 2024 elections draw nearer, the debate over age and competence in the political arena will likely continue to play a prominent role in shaping public opinion.

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