Zajel successfully transports massive Oil, gas cargo from UAE to Iraq’s Umm Qasr


Zajel, a prominent logistics company headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, has efficiently transported a substantial oil and gas cargo from Dubai’s Jebel Ali Port to Iraq’s Umm Qasr Port in the Gulf.

The impressive cargo, boasting a volume exceeding 5,000 cubic meters and weighing nearly 500 tonnes, was expertly managed by Zajel’s dedicated freight forwarding division. This operation utilized a range of specialized equipment, including flat racks, open-top containers, and standard containers.

Comprising a diverse array of tools, pipelines, modules, and vital equipment crucial to Iraq’s energy sector, this shipment featured some exceptionally intricate components, with lengths surpassing 22 meters and weights exceeding 80 tonnes, as confirmed by Zajel.

In a bid to enhance its services and cater to the growing demand for comprehensive logistics solutions encompassing air, sea, and land transport, Zajel recently announced the establishment of a new freight forwarding department.

Shaher Abu Hammor, Business Development Manager for Freight at Zajel Logistics, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Embarking on this exciting journey, we are proud to unveil Zajel’s Freight Forwarding solutions. This strategic addition reflects our dedication to redefining the logistics landscape with innovation, reliability, and an unmatched customer experience.”

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