Rabee Securities launches stock trading app enabling easy access to Iraq’s stock market


Rabee Securities, a leading financial institution, has introduced a cutting-edge stock trading app, revolutionizing access to Iraq’s burgeoning stock market. This newly updated application is a game-changer for local investors seeking to engage with Iraqi-listed companies through a seamless digital trading platform.

The RS Trading App, unveiled in May 2022, marked a significant milestone as the first online trading app for the Iraq Stock Exchange. Now, this latest iteration takes convenience and functionality to new heights, enabling investors to navigate the intricacies of the Iraqi stock market with ease.

Shwan Ibrahim Taha, the Chairman of Rabee Securities, expressed his enthusiasm for this innovation: “We are thrilled to introduce this updated application, which empowers investors to manage their trades seamlessly. The platform offers access to in-depth analysis, meticulously prepared research by our experienced team members, and real-time performance monitoring.”

In a strategic move, Rabee Securities has forged a partnership with ZainCash, offering Iraqi investors secure options for deposits, withdrawals, and asset sales through ZainCash’s digital financial services. Taha emphasized, “This partnership underscores our commitment to simplifying financial transactions for our clients, making it a breeze to participate in Iraq’s dynamic stock market.”

With this powerful trading app and strategic partnership in place, Rabee Securities is set to empower local investors and open new opportunities in Iraq’s flourishing stock market. Stay tuned for more updates on this groundbreaking development.

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