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Additional flood relief supplies to reach Pakistan

China's aid for flood victims of Pakistan has reached the country's southern port city of Karachi on Tuesday. The humanitarian assistance consisting of 3,000 tents was handed over to Pakistan at a ceremony held at the Karachi airport.

Nigeria: First lady memorizes Qur’an

Niger State First Lady, Dr Amina Abubakar, has memorized half of the Qur’an. While disclosing this, Abubakar explained that she tried to memorize a page of the Qur’an in a week. "I spend about 30mins to an hour (depending on the

Pakistan monsoon flooding death toll tops 1,000

Severe rains and flooding have killed at least 1,033 people, including 348 children, and left 1,527 more injured in Pakistan since mid-June. The country's National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) added that 119 people had died and

The Oil Palm War in Nigeria

By Abdulrazaq Hamzat Prior to the discovery of crude oil, Nigeria is the home of the black oil, now known as the oil palm. In the 19th century, shortly after the end of slavery, a part of Nigeria, now known as Niger Delta was