2 teachers defile under age girl in Uganda



By Godfrey Olukya 19-9-2012

Just one day after the government of Uganda’s launching of a national zero violence in schools campaign to end abuse of children while at school, two teachers have today been arrested defiling an under age girl.

Police has identified the arrested teachers as Charles Odeke and Michael Opio, both teachers of Ngora primary school, located 350 kms
east of the country’s capital Kampala. They are in their mid thirties while the girl is 16 yrs

According to one of the pupils who helped in arresting the teachers, Robert Okello, they were in classroom without a teacher
because the one who was to be conducting a lesson in their class was one of the arrested.

He said,’ We heard a girl wailing from teachers’ quarters. We ran to the house and heard the girl crying for help. We broke into the house and found one of the teachers on the girl while the other one stood next to the bed while naked.’

Okello said that with the help of police they arrested the two teachers and handed them to police.

The age of consent in Uganda is 18 yrs. If convicted, the two teachers face up to 15 yrs imprisonment.

In partnership with the United Nations children fund, the campaign launched yesterday by government is meant to protect children against exploitation and violence. Some of the forms of violence include beating, sexual abuse or any other violence.

UNICEF representative at the function, Grace Ekudu said that the campaign will promote alternatives to punishment like mentoring,
guidance and counseling which encourages children to learn better rather that subjecting them to pain.


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