tribal clashes displace 5000 people in Kenya



By Godfrey Olukya 19-9-2012

Over 5000 people have been displaced in Kenya’s Tana delta where two tribes have been clashing over land and water in the past few days.

The clashes between the Orma tribe and Pokomo tribe communities which started last month have claimed more than 120 lives. Some of those who have fled are now camping in Mombasa county.

For security reasons, one of the local government administrators in Mombasa county Tom Anjere has instructed chiefs and their assistants to register people who have moved into Mombasa county from the Tana Delta.

Mombasa has also been recently by riots after a Muslim cleric was shot died in his car. Over 20 people died during the riots.

Anjere said, ‘We are carrying out the registration in good faith. It will help us to monitor all visitors to ensure the district’s security
is not compromised. It will also help us to seek help for all the displaced people.’

He said they can not take anything for granted because some of the people from Tana delta who are camping in Mombasa county are armed.

‘ We have to ensure we know who we are living with. I call upon them to cooperate.’ he said.

He said that after registration, they will call in Red Cross to hep the displaced by availing them basic necessities. He has also issued a
one-month ultimatum to people who own weapons to surrender them to police stations.


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