South Africa to get new money notes



By Godfrey Olukya    2-10-2012

Before the end of this year, South Africa will have a new range of bank notes with the face of the first black president nelson Mandela.

The introduction of the new notes is part of celebrating and honoring the county’s first black president Nelson Mandela. Mandela who was imprisoned by the then South Africa racists regime, served over twenty years in jail and on being released became  president for one term and never offered to stand for second term, which is rare among African leaders.

He is highly respected in South Africa. Although now over 90yrs old, he is once in while invited for big national functions.

The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) has already launched an awareness campaign about the new notes. According to it’s officials, all the new notes of, 50, 100 and 200 Rands  will have an identical portrait of Mandela with the reverse retaining the big five animals as they appear on the existing notes.

According to SARB governor, Gill Marcus, the new notes will be  identical, differing only in colour and denomination. They will retain the same size as those already in circulation and will have raised printing to cater for the visually impaired.

He said,’ The new series of banknotes  reflect South Africa’s pride as a nation and pays tribute to a much-loved world icon.’

The people with old notes have been told not get worried because the notes will remain in circulation and are still legal  tender of equal value to the new banknotes.



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