African union conference on drug abuse to be held soon



By Godfrey Olukya 4-10-2012

A special session of the African Union (AU) conference of ministers on drug control will be held on Thursday 11 October 2012 at the headquarters of the AU Commission in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Reports from most African countries indicate that there is increase in drug abuse especially by unemployed youths.

It is organized by the AU department of social affairs. The theme at the conference is ‘Promoting Good Practices in Drug Policy Development and Implementation’.

A member of the organizing committee, Benon Twire said,’ It is a very important conference because it will bring together ministers and experts responsible for Drug Control in AU member States. Also to attend are international organizations, regional economic communities, specialized national agencies, particularly those involved with policy formulation and research on drugs.’

The meeting is expected to discuss new trends and challenges in drug policy globally, review progress in implementation of the AU plan of action on drug
control and crime prevention (2007 -2012) and roll out a new framework that seeks to tackle both supply and demand reduction aspects of drug control in corresponding measure.

Twire said that member states are continuously working with international and local partners to achieve the goal of preventing illicit drug use. ‘That includes getting tough on drug dealers who threaten the safety of our youth and communities. ‘ he added.


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