Muslim leaders in Kenya support Raila Odinga



By Godfrey Olukya    24-12-2012

After Kenya’s prime minister Raila Odinga  being  endorsed as presidential candidate for the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy, Muslim leaders from from all 47 counties in the country announced that they are to support him so that he wins the elections to be held next year.

Last Saturday the coalition endorsed  Raila Odinga, as it’s presidential candidate. Odinga will for the second time stand for the highest political seat in the country. During the last presidential elections he complained that he had been cheated.

One of the Muslim leaders, Sheikh Salim Hussein said, ‘Odinga has been supporting the Muslim community ever since he became prime minister. We are paying back by supporting him for presidency.’

Another Muslims leader leader, Sheikh Mohammed Warfa said that they have decided to support Odinga because he has been fighting  for equity and justice.

Warfa said, ‘Odinga has been at the forefront in fighting for equity and justice for the marginalized. That is why we have decided to support him.

In response, Odinga assured Muslims that his government would ensure equitable distribution of resources and fight insecurity. He also promised to expand the infrastructure in northern Kenya to open up the region for trade and other development opportunities.

He also assured them that if elected, he would implement the new constitutions which advocates for equality of all Kenyans.


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