Imams should not misappropriate offertory



By Godfrey Olukya 27-2-2013

Imams in Africa have been advised not misappropriate offertory money given in by believers.

The advice has been given by Shiekh Khasim Noor while addressing believers in Zanzibar.

Noor said that misappropriation of offertory money is a big sin which should be avoided. HE urged those who have been doing it to repent.

He said, I have heard stories from some African countries that there are a few Imams who misappropriate offertory money. I advise them to stop such a habit. ‘

He said that when believers give in their money to mosque authorities they expect it to be used in a transparent manner.

‘When believers learn that their money is misused, they get discouraged from paying zakat in mosques. ‘

He said that at times funds got from developed Muslim countries are also swindled by some individuals which is unfortunate. He said that should also stop.


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