Donors should respect Africans’ religious values

By Godfrey Olukya   13-5-2013

The international donor countries  have been requested not to use their  economic might  to destroy the religious and cultural values treasured by Africans.

While addressing Muslims in Bukoba Tanzania, Sheikh Faizal Mubarak said that Africans treasure their religions and therefore if donors want to give aid with bad strings attached, they should not be surprised if it is refused.

He said Africans should learn to refuse what they feel does not go well with their religion.

He said, ‘Most of the African countries need aid from donor countries. But if the donors insist on imposing certain bad practices on African countries before giving aid, it should not be accepted.’

Mubarak gave the example of donor countries supporting homosexuals in African countries. He said, ‘In some African countries, homosexuals have become untouchables. Once security personnel attempt to arrest them they cry loud to the donor countries which support their activities and they immediately threaten to cut off aid.’

He said that Islam does not in anyway support homosexuality. He warned youths who copy western world lifestyle without thinking about the consequences to be careful or else they will end in problems.


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