Muslim leaders asked to review madrasas

By Godfrey Olukya    13-5-2013

Muslim communities in Africa have been urged to review and improve operations of madrasas in their countries.

Madrasas are schools where Islam religion is taught to children. Muslim children are expected to go through them because religious studies taught there help them to live religiously.

This comes after reports that madrasas in some countries in Africa are in poor state which has led to some of them being closed by authorities.

While addressing Muslim leaders in Kampala, Shiekh Muhamad Kibali said ‘Some madrasas around this country and other African countries have been closed due  to poor living conditions of the children who were taking Islamic religious training in those institutions.’

He said it was unfortunate that in this era some madrasas are in such poor conditions. He said that health inspectors and ministry of education officials can not allow teaching to take place in pathetic conditions.

He said, ‘There is need to construct modern madrasas. Some of those existing today are archaic. They were constructed in 1940’s and can not be accepted  to operate today. There is need to improve on the quality of madrasas.’

Some Muslim leaders suggested that there is need to involve other stakeholders  in the running of madrasas. They urge that in doing so, they can raise funds to construct modern facilities.


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